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When you are looking to get started with any art, whether it be painting, photography and video production, framing your shot is one of the most important things. Framing is a technique that uses image blocking to draw attention to your subject. Framing your shot on a video shoot is no different. You can’t always throw things into a shot and have it look good. Staging takes a lot of effort.

Have you ever heard of the rule of thirds?  This is going to help with the concept of framing your shot! The rule of thirds is a guideline for the process of creating visual images for film, paintings and photographs. Think about dividing your image into nine equal parts with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. Where these lines intersect is where you are going to want to put your subject. It is generally more pleasing to the eye to keep things out of the center of the frame.

Framing your shot

Using the “Rule of Thirds” when framing your shot. the bad (left) and the good (right)

When you are filming an interview you want the subject to be framed by the Rule of Thirds concept. With photography you can crop different photos to reflect the rule of thirds. Look above you can see on the left photo the object is smack dab in the middle and is less appealing than the right which uses the Rule of Thirds. The end result is just more appealing to the viewer.

Framing your shotKnowing how to open and end a scene are the most exciting when it comes to framing your shot. This is when the director gets to say, “and that’s a wrap!” or “and end scene.” This is when you want to leave a lasting impression in the audience’s mind. Picture the end of The Breakfast Club when Judd Nelson has his fist in the air on the football field. That is one perfectly framed shot.

Practice using the Rule of Thirds and notice how the artistic quality of your work improves. You’ll also start appreciating it in other people’s works.


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