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Picking a video topic is a huge component of a good video.  With the explosion of online video, many companies have been told that they need many videos for company outreach and good search engine rankings.  Because of the race to get many videos up, people often forget that you still need good content in order for the video to pay off.

Picking a Video Topic

Picking a video topic for blogging

Keep it short sweet and to the point. A big mistake people often get in to is trying to put every single fact and knowledge bit they can think of in to their video.  Not necessary.  When crafting a video script, just try and keep it short and simple.  Many times people are looking for the answer to one little problem, so the other 10 things that you try to put in the video can be overload.  If you have 10 more things to put in to your video, then make 10 more videos!

Picking a Video Topic

Do not base your next video on something you know nothing about. In the race to make videos, people often feel like they run out of topics and resort to writing scripts on something they know very little about.  Don’t make this mistake as you will end up saying something that is not quite right and end up actually doing more harm then good.

What if you have complete creative roadblock when picking a topic? Try writing a list of everything your company does, or what Picking a Topicyou know, or your hobbies. If you have exhausted your entire list, then take each topic and put it in to Google.  When you start typing the phrase in to the Google search bar, you will send a dozen different questions that people have surrounding your topic.  Chances are, you will know the answers to their questions as well.  Just like that you have many many more topics you can immediately start filming.

Picking a topic is all up to you and it does not have to be hard to pick. Think of what you know and what your company does. Open up Word and just start writing. Get your ideas out there. Once you do that your videos will just start flowing. When you get your brilliant ideas give us a call, we will help you create the worlds best video.


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