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Being in production for the past 15 years, we’ve definitely had a few mistakes happen during the day of filming, and we’ve always gotten through it. I’m trying to think of one right now. One time, we were, we had a whole crew that flew several states away to shoot a day of seminars at a corporate event, and when we got there, the tripods that we sent didn’t show up, so we didn’t have anything to hold the cameras, which is going to make the day really hard. We could have freaked out and we could have went out and tried to buy tripods, we could have done lots of things, but instead we decided just to work the problem, like we do every time. It actually ended up that, when we went back to FedEx, they had actually just misplaced our packages, and they had found them by the time we got there, crises averted. To be honest, I’ve never really had a problem on set that couldn’t be taken care of just by not freaking out, taking a few minutes, and trying to work the problem and find the best solution.