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How much should you spend on a marketing video? Well, that really depends. What’s your end goal? Are you trying to share an update on Facebook, or are you just trying to gain more subscribers to your email list? Well, something like that could be easily done with an iPhone. I mean you see it all the time. You’re looking through social media and you see someone talking to their iPhone, it’s completely acceptable. If you’re trying to maybe sell a product, or if you’re trying to look like your brand is more of a luxury brand, it’s probably worth investing just a little bit of money so that your audience can tell that you’re serious about selling your product, and you want to be seen as something that’s a little bit more higher end and that is worthy of their time to watch the video.

So, how much should you spend again? Well, in short, for social media, maybe you don’t spend anything, use your phone. But if you’re trying to sell something or you’re again, trying to look like a higher end brand, maybe then it’s time to invest in a real video production company.