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Since the beginning of time, mankind has asked the important questions:

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Is time itself a construct of man?
  • Is our existence just a computer fabricated reality created by machines?
  • What is a tourism video and how does it work?

All important questions to ponder, although, I think one of those was the tagline for The Matrix. Nonetheless, we will tackle the most difficult of the questions posed above.

What is a Tourism Video?

A tourism video is a video designed to entice you to visit a certain event, town, city, region, or country. It can also be used for tourism associated businesses such as tour guides, hotels, charters, landmarks or businesses that benefit from tourism. A tourism video production will highlight areas you wish to show. It will show the viewer all the wonderful things your area has to offer. If your business happens to be in a tourist area, you can use your location as part of a selling point. For example, if you own a candy store in a seaside town that has a tourist industry, you can highlight your business and the area you are in.

It is a great way to re-think your video strategy and ask yourself if where you are located may be of interest to tourists. A tourism video can also include testimonials from tourists. There’s no better way to describe the joy of experiencing a new place than through the eyes of someone living that moment. An example: you own a business that is tourism related, such as a bike rental business. It would be great for your potential customers to see how amazing it is for a tourist to discover all the offerings of your area using one of your rented bicycles.

A tourism video isn’t just a Travel Channel special- it can serve different types of businesses from tourism boards, municipalities of different places to local businesses in tourist-centric locales.


Here is an example of tourism videos we have shot in the past:


How Does a Tourism Video Work?

The nuance to a great and successful tourism video is emotion. Emotion is the motivation we make most of our purchases. Imagine how many times you have said you “love” a certain product or brand. You don’t really love them as you would a spouse or family, but the fact that you use an emotionally heavy word tells you that an emotion drives that reaction. Evoking emotion in a tourism video is an essential component to get someone to take an action and book a trip, make plans to visit somewhere or at the very least find out more information about the area or business showcased.

The best way to create emotion is through music. There is a reason all the big Hollywood movies have soundtracks- it inspires emotion. Think of Indiana Jones’ theme song (bet you just played it in your head) and how you felt like you too could go and find some long lost treasure. In a sense that is what a tourism video encourages people to do- go out and find an adventure or a hidden treasure in the form coming to your business.

Images also play a big role in how a tourism video inspires. Are the images conveying the colors and feel of the area? If there are people in the video, do they look happy? A tropical locale should have vibrant colors, while an area known for its snow will have a lot of whites with pops of color. A city will show the grandeur of itself and all of its culture while a town will show its intimate nature. If there is narration, speak to how great it will feel to be there. What worries, or stresses, will they leave behind? What can they expect from visiting?

A good mix of images, narration, and music can make any location, big or small, feel like a place worth visiting. No matter what you are showcasing in a tourism video, we want to help you showcase it in the best possible light. We want to be able to strike the right emotional tone to get people up and out on their very own adventure.