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You finally made it.  You had a dream that you have turned into reality.  It’s the next big thing!  But now comes the next big challenge… how to let people know it even exists.  How on Earth are you gonna let people see it?  While it can seem like a question with a million possibilities, the answer is more simple than you may realize.


You need a teaser video.


Teasers are an excellent way to generate hype and knowledge about a product or service, bundled in a quick and energetic video.  The goal is not to unload every piece of information about what you offer, but rather to create a high energy message that grabs the audience’s attention and leaves them wanting more.  It’s not just your introduction, but also your invitation to them to find out more.  Teasing them, if you will, with just enough to make them want to know more.  After all, wanting something is a far more effective motivator than telling someone they want something.

Still not sure you understand why a teaser video is so important?  Well let’s stop to think about it.  In today’s market, a lot of business is generated by hype.  And today’s generation responds to video far more than text.  Reading about how cool something is… just isn’t as cool as seeing how cool it is.  Still not convinced.  Alright, how about this comparison of written text versus a teaser video.  See which one of these captivates you more.

Example 1 – Written:

“Are you an athlete looking for a new way to understand the effects your workout has on your body and look good doing it?  Check out the new line of workout and fitness gear by Sensilk.  With it’s new design, it allows you to see in real time how your body is performing while you exercise.  This will revolutionize your workout experience!”


Example 2 – Teaser Video:


See the difference?  Reading a paragraph can be informative, but it will rarely if ever have the same appeal as a video, nor will it be as captivating.  Relying on the audience to read text is a risky prospect as they may skip it all together.  A video draws the audience in.  They stop and take time out of their lives to give it undivided attention.  While that window is often brief, it’s effective, and it’s exactly the window that a teaser video is designed for.

But despite their short length, teaser videos can often be some of the most complex projects to get right.  You have to take a mountain of details, facts, selling points, possibilities, and so much more, then cut and condense it all down to a video that can be as short as just 15 to 30 seconds long.  This is why WeMakeVideos is here to help!

We employ a staff of writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, voice-over actors, graphic designers, and artists to ensure every facet of your product or service is represented in your teaser video.  You have worked hard to make that dream a reality, and so we work equally hard to capture that work, and create a high-energy teaser to instill that same enthusiasm and joy in your audience.

Here is a couple other teaser videos (sizzle reels) that show off a product without an extended video:

Ab Blaster Teaser Video:

Corporate Speaker Teaser Video: