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Video Script

Traditionally, a screencast would be when you would record your own computer screen to show off your webpage or maybe an online platform. Nowadays, video production companies are often hired to create very concise screencast videos that are maybe done to a script, to show off pieces of your online platform or your webpage. But it really gets down and direct to the point, which is great, because it keeps the time of the video down, short, which is great for everybody. Who wants to watch a long video anymore?

There’s three reasons why you might want to use a screencast video. One is for homepage videos to show off your website, really dig into the platform to see if maybe people want to buy in. Email marketing’s another big one. If you have a brand new feature that came out, and you want to show it off, send out an email blast, and a great way to show it off. The third way is customer support. How great would it be to have someone sitting around 24 hours a day to teach people how to retrieve their lost password for the fifth time? Three ways to use screencasting: homepage videos, email marketing, and customer support.