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A lot of times people call and ask, “What camera do you use?” That’s kind of a hard question because we use lots of different cameras. We have lots of different cameras. Many times we use a C100 Mark II. Other times we use a Sony A7S. Even if we have to pull out a Red camera, which everyone loves, we can do that. It really depends on the type of production and what camera needs to be used for that production. For example, if we’re doing a big commercial shoot, a Red camera is perfect for that sort of thing. On the other hand, if we want to maybe fly something around on a steady cam, weight is an issue because I have to hold it up with my arms for a long time. A lot of times we’ll use a much smaller camera that will fit on a steady cam. You can see there’s many different reasons why we’d use many different cameras. Really, we just choose the one that’s right for your production.