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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the social media list goes on. These all have the capability to share your uploaded YouTube video, for help uploading your video see How to Share your Video Online.

Let’s start off small with how to share your post on Facebook, to share your posted video it just takes a few simple steps and you are ready to start sharing to your new fans!


Step One: Log into Facebook, Click Add Photo/Video

facebook sharing


Step Two: Picking your video, is as simple as it sounds. Just as you would add new photos to Facebook that is how you will upload your video. So simple!



OR: You can also take your YouTube URL and paste it into your status bar; it will automatically post a thumbnail and a link to your video. You can delete the URL and add a little description when posting.


Whether you are copying something from YouTube or posting from your local computer you will end up at the screen above. Click “post” and now you are ready to share!

Posting videos is a great way to grow your audience as well, you can follow multiple different companies and have your followers share your video for the world to see, but that is a whole other blog post! See you next time on How to Expand your Audience on Social Media.