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The online world is growing by the second. There are a handful of ways to share your video at the click of a button.  When starting to post videos online people have tons of questions about which video service to use or how to get the most people to see your video.  The most important thing to do is to get your first video uploaded and figure it out as you go.  There are so many ways to share your video online so the best way to figure out how you want to do it is…TO DO IT!  There are many video hosting services that will host your video for free, but the first one that comes to mind is YouTube; you can open up a free account and get to posting. YouTube gives you exposure with no effort at all.

We wanted to show you an easy way to get your content out to the masses, follow these easy steps (we even have nice pictures for you) and you should be ready to go:

Step One: Create your content; see 5 Tips to Shooting a Better Video

Step Two: Create a YouTube account or Sign In.  Go to and click on sign in in the top right corner.

how to share video online

Hint: Google owns YouTube so, if you have a Gmail account you already have a YouTube account! How easy was that. 

Step Three: Now it is time to upload!  What are you waiting for? CLICK THE UPLOAD BUTTON! 

how to upload your video online

Pick who you would like to see the video,

     • Public: Everyone can see your video… obviously

     •Unlisted: This is not posted but you would be able to send the YouTube link to anyone you would like

     •Private: This is posted on the YouTube website, but you choose who can see it

how to share your video on youtube

After your video is loaded and processed, you are 95% done posting your first video! WOOOHOO!!

     •Come up with a Title

     •Write a brief description

     •Pick a few video tags (this will help when people are searching for your video)

     •Pick your video thumbnail

keyword tagging your youtube video

Step Four: You did it!!!!

nashville corporate video youtube

Congratulations!!! You have successfully uploaded your first video to YouTube and now you are ready to share your video all across social media. See How to Share your Video Online, Part Two (coming soon)

Hint: We have listed a few different sites that might help you if YouTube is not the way to go:

Need some help managing all your videos online? Give us a call and see if we can’t help you create a video marketing strategy for your company.