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“Yo Adrian! We filmed it!”

Let’s imagine Rocky Balboa came up and asked you what the best brand of boxing gloves are to train in because his friend (spoiler alert) Apollo Creed, who “lost” to a Russian, wasn’t around to give him advice anymore.  What brand would you recommend? You think for a little and tell him Everlast because it’s the first boxing brand that comes to mind.

Why did you pick Everlast? One reason is that they have been around for a long time. But the biggest reason is exposure. When you see boxing movies or any boxing related video, you see the brand Everlast. Everlast uses a product video production to get their product continued visibility.

Did you know Everlast is not the highest rated glove around? In fact, most boxing blogs, articles, and reviews point to it not being a quality glove. It is a little joke around boxing circles to refer to this brand as “Neverlast” because of their quality and hand protection issues.

The highest rated gloves are from a brand you probably have never heard of. They don’t put out videos or any form of substantial media. The brand’s name is Winning. They are a boxing glove manufacturer out of Japan and by most accounts, the best boxing glove out there due to its durability and protection of a fighter’s hands and knuckles.

Why is it that Everlast gloves, with its quality control issues, are more recognizable than Winning, a glove with spectacular ratings?

The answer is product video production. Using a product video production company can elevate your product’s visibility. Video is a great way to showcase your product and its benefits to the public.

In the boxing glove example, both companies make the same product, but only one of them is instantly recognizable even by those who are not into boxing. Despite the fact that Everlast is the less superior glove, they are the most profitable company of the two because people are more familiar with seeing them.

I spy, With My Marketing Eye
Brand visibility works in many ways. When you see brands in movies, ads, online videos it makes consumers aware you exist. Making consumers aware you exist by being visible brings your company and product to the top of their mind.  When you go to a restaurant and order a soft drink without knowing what they offer you say “I’ll take a Coke or Pepsi, whatever you got.” No one ever says “I’ll take and RC or Shasta.” This is because Coke and Pepsi are much more visible.

On a regional or local scale the same principles apply. The more visibility, the better. The best and most effective way to be visible is through a product video.  This does not mean if you put any video out with your product on it you will be successful. The video’s quality has to reflect your own product’s quality. We can make sure the video is professional and of high quality. Having the right product video production company is very important.

You Better Recognize!Recognition comparison between Ghost busters logo and Star Wars Rebel Alliance emblem.
Visibility will lead to brand recognition, along with an awareness of what great products you sell. Brand recognition is a little different than visibility. Recognition is consumers knowing and recognizing your company. Big companies are usually credited with brand recognition, especially with logos and catchphrases.

However, your brand name or product can create the same kind of recognition as a logo or a catchphrase- the key is visibility. And we already discussed how using the right product video production company can help with quality visibility.

Customer Champions of Your Products
The awareness of your brand or product speaks more to what consumers do when there is already visibility and recognition. Awareness speaks to consumers taking action or repeating an action. In this case the action is the purchasing of a product and also being aware of your product or brand in a way where the consumers themselves become their own marketing force by spreading word of mouth or online reviews.

Increase the visibility and obtain recognition in order to achieve awareness. Seems like the perfect combination to go toe-to-toe with any other company out there. But the knockout blow is yet to come.

A product video production company can highlight various aspects of your product, such as:

  • What your product is
  • What it does
  • How it works
  • What need it fulfills
  • Prices
  • What your customers have to say about it
  • How it stands out
  • Address any pain points and how to overcome them
  • What you want your customers to feel at seeing your product
  • Engage a customer into taking action to purchase

If your product is something that exists in a digital space such as software, we can still showcase it through a screencast production. Imagine a recording of what your program or app can do in a way that will get a customer’s attention.

All of the product video productions can include music, narration, or on-screen talent. You can include all of these or just one.

Reach out to let us help you begin “winning” new customers and knock out the competition (figuratively speaking, of course) with a great product video production company that can elevate your product marketing. We can help your business become the reigning, defending, visibly recognized champion of your industry.

A product tie-in is the final blow to a perfect marketing knockout! Because of the awareness and consumers advocating your product or brand, you are now free to mention more than one product per video. On subsequent videos you can mention a couple more products so that each product ties into the other. Instead of one product at a time being sold, you can now bundle products that complement each other.