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WMV Productions has been in Nashville since May of 2011 but my partner, who he is my brother-in-law, have actually been in the industry since probably 2005 and even a little bit before that if you start going back in. I was the anchor man on the T.V. Channel in high school and stuff like that but we won’t go there.

Anyway in 2005 we moved out to San Francisco and we were part of a media startup. I started out on camera and then moved behind the camera, starting running a channel, then running a network. Then after a few years decided to move to Nashville and make videos for ourselves. I was a fitness personality at the time and we started making a business based on fitness but with videos. Every time we pitched the business we’d show them our video, our sales video and they’d be like, “Oh okay the company sounds nice but who made that video? The video’s really good.”

Then eventually we started doing a bunch of side projects about making sales and product videos for other companies and then before we knew it we decided that that was probably our real business and not the other one. In May of 2011 we officially decided that we were a video production company and we’ve been doing it ever since.