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The last few weeks of the year are upon us and while some of you have long spent that marketing budget for the year, others are in need of finding a couple more projects.

When thinking about investing in a video project, whether it’s last minute or you’re pre-planning for next year, you always want to think about value.

What is the goal of the video? How will your audience find value in the content? Will the company gain a successful return, and what does that look like?

We know that the best way to approach marketing is by setting a goal and then creating a plan to achieve it. Video is the same thing. Do you want to sell more product? Raise brand awareness? Increase your social media presence?

It seems that I’m asking more questions than answering them but don’t get discouraged! Our goal is to create a video that helps you achieve one of your goals and we are happy to talk through what the best option would be for you.

Yes, it is possible to start now and complete a video project (and make you look like a rockstar) before you ring in the New Year!

Favorite Things
‘Tis the season! While Oprah unveils her favorite things, we have a few video-related faves of our own. Take a look and give us a call because they might be right for your company too!

Content Calendar
With social media being more popular than ever before, we are creating concepts that fill that need. Everyone wants video, and in high-quality, but what is the best use of the dollars? This is where the content calendar comes in. We are now offering yearly content calendar packages that give you enough video clips and still images to fill your blog, FB & Insta accounts all year! We can also pair this with a homepage branding video to give you a fresh and polished look for the year.

A content calendar means:
(1) a managed process for the creation of great content
(2) guaranteeing consistency for your online presence
(3) managed monthly customized for your budget

Video Brochures
The biggest question we would hear with video creation is how can I maximize its distribution? Technology has now given us an exciting option – video brochures! That’s right, a 5×7” folder with a video player in it so you can always share your perfect branded message. We’ve found a fantastic vendor that is allowing us to customize these brochures for clients to showcase their videos with an incredibly small minimum order! This is a perfect way to elevate your pitches, coffee meetings, and networking efforts. Just open it up and it will start the conversation for you.

Video Brochure Example