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kickstarter video - crappy coffee

I think it means CRAPPY COFFEE

Another day down during our latest Kickstarter Video down here in Costa Rica.  Today Ethan and I, with the help of the business owners of the Kickstarter campaign, carried a whole video production setup through the jungle to get some amazing shots of some waterfalls and the awesome rewards they are giving away during their campaign.  It is totally awesome and a few times a bit scary.  It is quite slippery out there and we are, of course, trying to get right to the edge of some steep cliffs to get some great shots.  There were a few close calls.  In fact at one point I was sliding down a big rock on accident and screamed “I’m going in”, because I clearly could not stop myself from falling 30 feet in to a big rumbling pile of rocks and water.  Luckily, Ethan was at the edge and body checked me in to the wall to save me.  I thought it was a pretty cool moment, as you can see from the picture below taken just after, Ethan was unimpressed.

Kickstarter Video Production- Costa Rica Jungle

Kickstarter Video Production- Costa Rica Jungle

Even though there were a few close calls with body parts and ridiculously expensive equipment I call this day a win!  It was so good in fact, we have decided to stay in our current hotel another day and go back in to the jungle again tomorrow.  Hopefully we skip el crappo cafe.

More to come from this shoot when I can see straight.  Just trying to keep the updates coming in between shoots.  Pura Vida!