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Kickstarter Video Production -

Kickstarter Video Production –

Ok so actually it’s day 2.  Day one is a blur which is why this update is late.  For those of you who don’t know, WMV Productionsflew to Costa Rica to shoot our latest Kickstarter Video for an amazing product call Treeson.  We can’t reveal what it is yet (hint: it has to do with bottled water…trust me it is NOT lame), but I can personally tell you…it is life changing.  Like changing the entire planet for the better in a real way changing.  We are so pumped to be a part of this amazing product’s beginning.

To show the whole story of how this product affects the planet we started off our week long journey through beautiful Costa Rica in…. a landfill.  Unfortunately the whole story must be told and how much trash is piling up is a big part of the story.  OMG I can not tell you how ridiculously nasty this place is.  It is so toxic they are required to wash your car off when you leave as you may be taking toxic residue back on the the streets and contaminate the city.  Yeah, pretty gross.  In order to get in to the landfill we had to pose as tourists leaving the country and had to get rid of a whole truckload full of trash.  So we started our day by going around and picking up people’s garbage and throwing it in the truck.  Garbage in truck always looks sexier when some dude with long rocker hair is holding a $10,000 camera.  MMMMM sexy trash.

Kickstarter Video - Garbage Patch

Kickstarter Video – Costa Rica Garbage

After getting kicked out of the landfill we traveled through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods searching for trash… it wasn’t that hard.  Actually, we were more worried that someone would see a car full of gringos pointing an expensive looking camera at them and try to rip it out of our hands.  Did I mention we were getting shots in the back of a pickup truck?

Lots of fun to come.  Tomorrow we are going to a waterfall garden.  I will try to post some video of the ridiculousness that we shoot.  It should be epic.

Love my job.  Love making Kickstarter Videos.