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Hey all! Our latest Kickstarter video trip through Costa Rica’s jungles and rivers is almost to an end.  We are getting some shots on the ocean today for a big part of the video.  Pretty cool as we are taking a camera rig underwater and coming up over someone talking on a surfboard.  It will be epic…

Tomorrow we get on a plane and fly to New York to finish up the video.  We are all really tired as the days of carrying tons of gear for miles on our backs is taking it’s toll.  So totally worth it though.  We are getting ready to start shooting so I figured I would just post some pics from our journey.  More to update on soon.  Enjoy our latest Kickstarter pics!!


kickstarter video company -

Ethan getting the shot

kickstarter video company -

Waterfall awesomness

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Kickstarter Video company -

Sitting in the river to get the shot.

kickstarter video company

view from our hotel room. Good morning Costa Rica