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Running a video production business, we shoot a TON of interviews.  I mean a TON.  Truth be told, a good camera crew can make any enviroment work, but there are a few tips that can really help make your video shine.  First the bigger the better.  Cameras and lights and people all take room, so if possible try and get a bigger room for all of us to work in.  This will also help with the heat in the room.  Since we may be in there for a few hours with hot lights and a lot of people, the room tends to get warm.

What about the sound?  If you have a busy office or warehouse it’s best not to be around all those people.  When we hit the record button all we want to hear is YOU.  that means the quieter place the better.  That doesn’t mean there is not a time and place for you to be on the factory floor next to all the loud machinery, but if we are trying to interview one person and hear their thoughts it is best to have a quiet room.

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Corporate Video Interview Lighting Setup

So what is the best location to shoot an interview for your business?  A big room that is quiet.  This will insure that the camera crew has enough room to make you look great and that people are listening to every word you say and not all the other noise that may be happening around your office.

Are you looking to shoot a video interview soon? We got you covered.