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screencast-videos-nashville Obviously, the trend is using video on your website, in your newsletters and on your social media channels is easy. Knowing how to create a video for a website or to show off a platform or app interface is more complicated. To tackle this problem, we use animation.

The word animation is usually associated with cartoon animations but lately it has been used in verbalizing how you want your website to appear – animated. We call these type of animations, screencast videos.

Screencasts are videos that show off the pages and features of your site. There is no set way to do these videos but we’ve established a style for screencast videos and they’ve had a huge response. We do lots of flyovers of the website, show the fields being filled in and of course, hire the right voiceover talent for the gig. The key for us is to show off your features, keep the video informative, yet short and really focus on keeping the video moving.

Here are a few of our screencast videos to give you an example of some styles that you can request.

Simple website screencast – Service Pro:
This video is a simple version of a screencast but you can see that it is still showing off the features and directing the user on how to use the site.

Premium website screencast – Mercury Flight:
This video is the premium version of screencasts and flyovers.

Premium screencast within a product video – Virtero:
This video also has a narrator (the founder) and also some broll captured for the project but you can really see what we can do with the screenshots of the platform.

If you are looking into having a screencast or website flyover video created, contact us to learn more about the details and the next steps.  615-852-5869   |