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Recently we created an animation for a health company in Nashville for an online platform that created better engagement for doctors and their patients.  The platform is called Ingage Patient.  Our client knew that they needed a video to tell their story, but they did not know how to go about it.  Luckily they called us up and we walked them through the entire process from script writing, storyboarding all the way through final delivery of a great animated video in just a few days.  Take a look at the animation we made below and let us know what you think!


Video Production Company Nashville Animation Example  Meaningful Use 2 requirements are putting increased pressure on medical practices and the EHR companies that support them, but integrating standards without interrupting workflow can be a challenge. Increasing access and improving healthcare outcomes requires interaction with patient’s outside the doctor’s office, on their terms. Introducing Ingage Patient, the premier patient engagement platform that puts the power of mobile access in the hands of patients. More than a patient portal, Ingage Patient is a robust suite of tools that goes beyond Meaningful Use requirements by combining electronic Registration, Scheduling, Check-In, Bill Payment, Prescription Requests, Referrals with Care Plan and Appointment Alerts and Reminders, and a complete Personal Health Record. This cloud based HIPAA compliant platform allows doctors and patients to easily share information via email, text message or private Facebook messaging from devices they use every day like smart phones, tablets and laptops. And Ingage Patient is the only patient engagement platform that integrates with Facebooks 1 billion user base so patients can manage their healthcare as easily as their social lives. Ingage Patient integrates with any EHR or practice management system and even provides a web and social media presence for practices that don’t have one. Ingage Patient has a sophisticated, user-friendly interface where patients can schedule appointments, submit insurance and registration information, identify symptoms and communicate with clinical staff right from their smart phone. For practices, Ingage Patient pushes administrative burdens outside the exam room, allowing appointments to be confirmed, insurance verified and obstacles are identified before patient’s walk in the door. And physicians are given the tools to manage patients more effectively through push notifications focused on chronic disease management and care requirements. Finally 24/7 patient engagement solution that supports collaborative healthcare, builds stronger relationships and inspires healthier, proactive patients.  That’s power to the patient…


Looking to create an animation for your company?  Drop us a line and let us show you some of our previous work that matches exactly what you are looking for.