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As a company, an organization, a marketer, an individual… it can be really intimidating to charter into the unknown world of video production.

What use to be the glam of Hollywood is now at your doorstep and ready to be included in your marketing plan, business strategy, customer service and more! Where do you start?

If this sounds like you, then you need some corporate video content strategy consulting. After 10 years of making every kind of video out there, we’ve got the experience to help you decipher the mystery of how to add videos to your company that will bring VALUE. Anyone can make you a video but sometimes you need to spend time exploring your options before jumping right in.

corporate video content strategy helpOne of the fundamental questions when starting your video content strategy is:

When we ask you WHO your video is for – it’s a complicated question. The answer isn’t, “Everyone”, trust me. Depending on what kind of video you are creating: sales, educational, informational or entertainment, you have a certain audience. How you talk to them, engage them and motivate them to take an action is strategic. That is what we need to know.

If you are making a video of a widget and you want people to buy the widget at the end of the video, you might be looking for a sales video or even an infomercial. You want something that tells people why they have to have the product, the product’s benefits and how to buy it right now.

If you are wanting to help people reset their password to your site, you want them to be able to follow the steps in the video and achieve success of that action by the end.

The structure each of every video – the script, the tone, the music, even the on screen graphics all play in to what you want the video to achieve. Remember, it all starts with WHO will be watching your video.

We are happy to help you with your corporate video content strategy – you just have to give us a call and say, “Help!”.

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