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Creating your first explainer video can be a challenging process, but it does not have to be.  Explainer videos can help ‘explain’ how your company works, a tough concept or just a fun way to deliver information. Since these type of videos are animated, you can have anybody or anything tell your story.  There could be a dinosaur talking to you about evolution or a spaceship flying around the earth talking about the future.
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Generally speaking, you are going to want to have a short script (1-3 minutes) for an explainer video. This is dependent on your audience, but usually a short explainer video is just the starting point to get people interested in what you have to say.  Then you can direct them to your site or company to have them take the next step.

Make your script compelling. We want to keep the audience wanting more.  If you think you need help with writing a creative script that will keep people engaged, consider writing a rough draft and then have a writer clean it up for you.

Speak directly to your audience. Think of it as I am speaking to all of you out there in the blogger world, we want you to speak to them. Use direct words like you and your. You want to be a friend to them.  If they have any questions, you want to feel like you are approachable.  Have them ask you questions in your comments MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER THEM! The internet is changing the way people interact with businesses and an easy way to be approachable is to answer questions/comments when you receive them.
Explainer videos make it easy for you or your company to add a fun spin to giving out information.  Just remember to state the problem, the solution, and a simple call to action.


Explainer Video Examples:

Many times rising above the clutter of other videos means getting a little quirky.  Well done in this explainer about Tonx’s coffee delivery service.

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This falls in to more of a classic explainer/whiteboard animation. Explainer videos like these can also prove to be more cost effective than a live video production.

This is a great explainer video. My favorite part is how it explains so much without saying a word.  This shows the true power of video.

If animated icons and bold colors are your thing then an animated explainer video can do the trick.  It’s also easy to change reedit this for several languages easily.