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Video Script

Video is so popular right now. A lot of people call and they want to know what video can do for their business. The answer is so many things that I don’t even have time to list them all, but I’ll start with a couple. The first one is creating a video for example your homepage video. It’s going to be that 24/7 salesperson. They’re going to be giving the perfect sales pitch, giving the features and the problems and solutions and everything of the world that your product provides, it’s going to do that even when the rest of your team is asleep.

On the other side, there’s so many stats that show the email open rates or conversion rates if there’s a video on the page. The stats change on a daily basis, but they continue to go up. How many people are watching video on mobile? People don’t want to read anymore. They watch a video with your product and with the sales pitch. They see themselves using the product. They go, yes, I want that. I need that. It’s especially helpful if your competitor’s not doing that. You get a one up there because you’re the first in your industry to put out that video and show people how to use your product. There’s so many ways that video is just … It’s so effective. It’s so helpful. It’s just become mainstream and a must have for every business out there.