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The WMV Productions Case Studies are designed to give you a look into our production process and provide insight on how we approach a project. These studies mostly focus on Product Videos due to the NDAs we are under with most of our Corporate Video clients. 

Case Study: How-To Video

Client: Tic Tac Tile

Tic Tac Tile - How To Videos
About Client

With over 20 years of experience, Tic Tac Tile is changing the daunting and expensive idea that many home-owners have about tiling. By creating self-adhesive interior products, Tic Tac Tiles is giving anyone a budget-friendly opportunity to give their homes a facelift with no mess and easy installation.

The Video Project

This project consisted of two parts, a product video and then also a second How-To video. Being a company with manufacturing and an existing production set, they were looking to use crowdfunding for product awareness as well as raising funds to expand their product line.

The Tic Tac Tile script came together fairly quickly because it was a product that was easy to talk about. They sent us samples beforehand, so weTic Tac Tile - kickstarter How to were able to see the product while writing and storyboarding, which helps in the creative process. We were able to use different locations and actors to show the versatility and how approachable the product was to use.  How To videos are an easy addition to a product video, especially ones that require assembly such as this one for Tic Tac Tile. Part of the product video was featuring people using the adhesive tiles, so it was easy to integrate the How-To video into our filming schedule. We love being able to add additional value to our clients when we can, and there are many ways to incorporate additional videos even for a one or two shoot. We enjoyed working with Tic Tac Tile on their project and look forward to working with them in the future.

Client Testimonial

“I loved the step-by-step process with experts in every stage. The fast communication with WMV Productions was very professional and always quick. I will now be able to recommend them to my friends and family.”  – Soon Kim, Tic Tac Tiles

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