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The WMV Productions Case Studies are designed to give you a look into our production process and provide insight on how we approach a project. These studies mostly focus on Product Videos due to the NDAs we are under with most of our Corporate Video clients.

Crowdfunding Case Study: Check My Temp

Nashville crowdfunding project The Client:
Check My Temp was made to be the world’s most advanced thermometer by consistently monitor temperature and movement. The armband thermometer uses patent-pending Multi-Temp Technology which provides accurate temperature readings regardless of how your body is positioned. Check My Temp is Bluetooth compatible, so parents and caregivers can check on their loved ones at the click of the button.

The Video Project

Check My Temp’s primary goal for this video was to create a product video that they could use for their upcoming Indiegogo campaign, so they could increase manufacturing of their moldsCrowdfunding Check my Temp . We had the pleasure to work with Sudhir, one of the founders of Check My Temp, who had a clear vision for the script and overall project. With this project there was not just a product to shoot, there was also a digital aspect of the project. While we had a working prototype at our disposal, there were still features that we needed to showcase during production such as the app working in realtime. This is where post-production and motion graphics are the keys to a successful product video. 

Biggest Challenge

Crowdfunding Kickstarter While there are always unexpected issues that can happen on set, our biggest challenge for this particular shoot was working with children. For this project we started with a mother-daughter team, but after filming, there were some additional edits the client wanted to make resulting in a reshoot. Due to scheduling conflicts, we had to hire a new mother-child pair. Since the video was focusing on the advantages of being able to monitor your child throughout the night, we needed to have the child sleeping. However, the struggle with both children was convincing them to pretend to sleep. They were adamant about not going to sleep, so it took some creative reasoning with the little ones to get them to work with us. By having them turn their heads toward the wall instead of the camera, we were able to avoid filming them with open eyes for the sleeping scenes.

Client Update

Check My Temp launched on and was 179% funded.

Client Testimonial

“We worked with WMV Video Productions to create our crowdfunding campaign video. Alyssa and her team did an amazing job in understanding our requirements and giving us exactly what we were looking for. In our case, we changed our mind after reviewing the first take. They were very accommodative and did a complete reshoot for us. They went over and above expectations in delivering the video in time for our campaign launch. They were simply great to work with.”  -Kesava Mulpuru, Check My Temp


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