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We have talked about posting your newest video creation on YouTube before and have a whole separate post dedicated to that but now we are going to talk about the actual act of YouTube Video Production. I hope you are ready!

We have also talked about 5 tips to shooting better video so we are going to combine some of those to creating your next YouTube video production! Lets start with the basics; you are making a video so you are going to need a few things. You will need a camera, lighting, audio and editing.

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YouTube Video Production Tip #1: The Camera

The camera is very important when you are shooting a video. Using a digital camera is going to be the best choice because it is the latest, greatist and very common to find among a circle of friends.

YouTube Video Production Tip #2: Lighting

Lighting is fairly simple, you can spend around $100 dollars and you can get a basic lighting kit, which will come in handy, these usually consist of umbrellas and stands for relatively little money. If money is even tighter then that, using windows and even household light bulbs can work if you take the time to make sure it looks good.

YouTube Video Production Tip #3: Editing

This is where money could be needed. If you have an Apple computer they are now equipped with iMovie, where you can take your raw footage and edit it right on your desktop, which is great and works nicely. If you have some extra money I would suggest investing in a program, FinalCut is great when you really learn how to use it. Editing is where you are going to be able to take your vision and put itYoutube Video production into action.

There are many ways to make your YouTube Video Production a success, if you don’t have the time to create something like this on your own don’t think twice about hiring a professional, there are so many companies out there that are looking to help you.