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Demonstration videos come in many shapes and sizes. There are product demonstration videos, in-store demonstrations, home demonstrations and trade show demonstrations. Taking your time and making any of these demonstrations into a video will not only help you but in the long run it could save you a lot of time.Demonstration Videos

Have you ever been to a trade show and you see someone standing at a booth with a ShamWow and he does the demonstration over and over and over again? It might be nice to see the product work a thousand times but if they were to explain the product in a video such as a product marketing video and play it on a loop at their trade show booth it will not only save them time but they will also have time to actually talk to the customers.

Product demonstration videos are usually what comes in the package with a new product, so back to the ShamWow, you might see a video when you open that up to show you exactly how to use the product.

If you are attempting to create the demonstration video yourself, Demonstration Videoyou might want to take a look at a few of our past posts. We have everything from how to share your video, what to do when you have editors block and even how to get your video up on YouTube for the world to see. We have done many product demonstration videos as well as many Kickstarter videos.