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In the world of animation there is a type of Explainer Video that is a bit different than the rest.

It’s an oddity because you see it countless times, but when you think of an Explainer Video Production and what it does, this type of Explainer Video usually doesn’t leap to the forefront of your mind.

I am talking about a Whiteboard Animation Video Production, of course. Ok, so maybe that isn’t what pops into your mind, but let’s take a closer look at what a Whiteboard Animation Video is and where this diamond in the rough fits in the Explainer Video world.

Whiteboard Animation Example

Usually, HR Frowns Upon the Sniffing of Markers.

A Whiteboard Animation Video is a series of drawings being made at the same time a narration is playing. The drawings represent whatever the narrator is speaking about.

The drawings are being drawn on a white background and usually include the “artist’s” hand moving around to indicate it is being hand drawn. Whiteboard animations are created on a computer but the artist’s hand give the drawings a visual human touch.

Contrary to popular belief, Whiteboard Videos don’t have to be on a white background. They can be any color background with any color marker.

This comes in handy if you want your video branded to your company’s colors. Just make sure the colors don’t blend too well together so they are visible. Put down the yellow and hot pink.


What Good Are Whiteboard Videos if There Are No Markers to Smell?

Whiteboard Videos are a unique type of Explainer Video. Screencast Videos and Live Action Video Productions can serve a variety of purposes. They can be vital tools in training employees or showcasing your website to customers.

Whiteboard Videos usually convey ideas or thoughts a lot better than the other types of Explainer Videos. They are great for reporting data like profits, new customer totals, or company growth.

The narration comes to life with the drawings as you go from one point to the next. It puts a picture to your words to keep the viewer engaged throughout the video.

Whiteboard Videos are also great for bringing to life mission or vision statements. As the narrator describes these, you can have drawings appear that visualize the concepts and words that are being used.

This type of Explainer Video also lets you expand on just statements. Talk about the philosophy behind those statements. Tell your audience why your company exists and what purpose it serves. 

If Screencast and Live Action Videos are the brain of the Employee Training Video Production world, the Whiteboard Animation Video is the heart. Whiteboard Videos are not just limited to business.

Many professors and teachers will spruce up their lectures by adding in Whiteboard Animation. There are many ways to get the most out of your words with Whiteboard Animation Videos.

A quick search online will demonstrate the various types of Whiteboard Videos, however they are not all created equal. 

Whiteboard Animation Example


Aren’t All Whiteboard Animation Videos Pretty Much the Same?

No! No two hearts are exactly alike. Ok, I just made that up. Hearts actually tend to be very similar with very little variation. The point is that you can tell a less than stellar Whiteboard Animation Video when you see one.


Some of the pitfalls that bad Whiteboard Videos fall into:

  • Bad sound quality
  • Drawings don’t sync up with words
  • No overall message or call to action
  • Images appear, but are not “drawn” in


This is why having a company who specializes in Whiteboard Animation Video Production is a valuable asset to have. We will make sure to avoid the pitfalls bad Whiteboard Videos fall into.

We will make sure your message is focused, clear, and follows a narrative that is easy to understand. You won’t have to worry about low quality Whiteboard Animations. We will work with you to make sure you get the exact quality your message deserves.

Ready to get started on your whiteboard video? Contact us today!