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Screencast Video Production

Do you need to keep your employees or customers up-to-date on the most recent updates or features of your product? One of the best ways to do this is through a Screencast Video Production Company.

Screencasts are a fast and effective way to showcase your website, answer FAQ’s, or train employees on the latest piece of software they use to do their jobs.

Picture of website and cursor showing of screencasting

What is a Screencast?

A Screencast is a general term used for a type of Employee Training Video. This type of business video is used when you can’t physically film what you want to demonstrate with a video camera.

For example, if there is a need to demonstrate something on your website, a Screencast can seamlessly record your screen along with narration that explains to the viewer what they are seeing. Music is also used on screencasts to elicit a feeling, such as inspiring or triumphant.

Another example is if your company decided to purchase a new software program. It could take days or even weeks to plan a training for everyone to attend. With a Screencast, you can record the actions you want the employees to take and have them view it at a time that is convenient for them.

With the advantages of adding narration or music, the message you give is the message they’ll receive. This will make for clarity and an understanding that employees can watch over and over again.

There are some things to keep in mind when using a Screencast to communicate. This will keep the Screencast engaging and informative.

May We Have a Volunteer From the Audience?

Consider who your audience is when creating a Screencast. Is your brand fun and exciting? Then don’t make a Screencast that is serious. Think about who uses your product and why.

When it comes to showing employees Screencasts, make sure it speaks to them, not at them. Think about the company culture and the employee’s role. If it is part of a Safety Training Video Production, you may want to rein in the silliness.

If it’s an Employee Training Video Production, you can be more in line with the company culture. If the software or upgrade is new and exciting, then show them how exciting it is.

Keep the content focused.

In many instances Screencasts can be a bit too overwhelming. It’s not the Screencast’s fault. Sometimes the areas covered are too broad or there is simply too much information being given.

You will see some Screencasts out there that are packed way too full with information. Inexperienced Video Training Production Companies create Screencasts that try to say everything all at once. If this is the case your audience will tune out faster than genetically modified dinosaurs taking over a “biological preserve” and wreaking havoc on an island off the coast of Costa Rica, because there is too much to focus on. It’s simply overwhelming, just like that last sentence.

In the words of the great Dr. Ian Malcolm when describing Jurassic Park, these inexperienced Screencast Video Companies are “so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Too much information in any video will cause your viewers to tune out. Keeping the content focused will allow your viewers to take in information in smaller and easier to digest chunks. If you have a video that is seven minutes long, can it be cut down into different sections?

This is why having an experienced Video Production Company who is dedicated to getting the most out of your Screencasts is a smart choice.

We know the fine balance between presenting engaging information and causing  the viewer’s eyes to gloss over. It is a skill that we have crafted over time with experience and positive results.

Let us personalize and craft a message to your specificity to get the most out of your Screencast. Contact us and see how we can begin engaging your viewers as soon as possible.