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It’s no secret that the majority of today’s media is found through online channels.  In fact, it is reported that over 92% of all digital content is taken in by global audiences through online channels.  Because of this growing popularity, people are rushing to get their videos on the web.  But before you go running to the internet to promote yourself, there are a few things you need to know about these videos in order to create a successful one.

Since just about everyone is online now, you’ll need to plan accordingly.  More people online means more competing videos, and this means you’ll have a lot of others putting their ideas out there.  So your first goal is to know how you can break through the mess.

What you want is a way to reach out to your audience and promote why you are the clear choice.  You want a promo video!

Your goal is to entice your audience by showing them just enough of what you offer to leave them wanting more.  Ever wonder why cliffhanger endings aren’t just universally hated?  It’s because they make the viewers want to see what will happen next badly enough to go out and spend more to find out just that.  Your promo video should have that same effect.  So here are some tips and tricks to knowing how to figure out the question of how to make them want more.

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The first point is to know your target audience.  Most businesses have a product or service that is directed at a certain demographic.  Once you know yours, you can begin to tailor your message of your promo to appeal to that group.  If you are looking to appeal to an older generation, you’ll want to speak in terms they’ll understand.  On the other hand, memes, live streaming and fast paced cuts may work great for reaching a younger crowd.  This may seem obvious, but it is the foundation for the entire video, so don’t underestimate it’s importance.

Second, you’ll want to design your promo video using the medium as the framework for design.  Television Commercials are designed vastly different from videos for web.  A major example in how they differ is the length.  TV spots are typically restricted to 15 or 30 second spots, while web doesn’t have a hard set limit on its length.  However, it’s typically expected these videos will be somewhere between 2-3 minutes.  It’s a restriction born from the attention span of today’s audience.  Remember how there are a lot of people using the web as their platform?  Well because there’s so much media there, you’ll only have so much time before the viewer moves on.  So knowing how to keep them watching your video is crucial.

This is where WMV Productions can help.  We work with you to help create a visually unique and distinct experience that allows your promo video to introduce your product to the audience you want in a memorable way.  We’ll help you each step of the way, including the planning and preproduction phase to ensure you project garners attention, spreads information, creates enthusiasm, and motivates your target audience to action!

There is no limit on the creative process.  Your promo video often serves as a first impression to your audience.  You want it to be creative, memorable, and effective at building interest in what you offer.  No matter what style you are after; whether it’s straight forwards and convention, or whacky and outside the box, WMV Productions  is here to make sure it rises above the clutter.

Promote yourself today with a promo video!

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