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What is a product video?

We use the word “product” to describe the goods or service that makes money for your company. It can be something tangible (lamp, headphones, t-shirt, tech gadgets, toys) or it can be something intangible (service, platform, website, app). No matter what kind of product you create, it needs to be sold! This is where a product video comes into the picture. It allows you to perfectly present your product and message to your target demographic for sales, marketing, or promotional purposes. Of course you want to tell people all about the features but more than that, you want to excite them for a bigger idea. You don’t sell gym memberships, you sell the idea of being your best healthy and happy self. This is true for EVERY product in existence. You sell the potential, the big dream, the solution of the problem that people can relate to.


What is the trick to a successful product video? 

The first step is to really know your target demographic and their pain points. You want them relating to your video and excited at how it can solve their problem. The research and brainstorming process can be time-consuming but the end result is well worth it because it is hyper-focused on a potential customer.

Imagine you have a fitness product. You envision that it will work for anyone wanting to lose 10 pounds. However, when you start to talk to people about the product, you’ll find that you need to hone your tone, style and message to fit smaller segments of people. The people interested in losing 10 pounds could be college kids, young professionals, new parents, overworked executives, the list goes on. If you were talking to each of these people individually, you’d present the idea differently. Maybe the college kids care about the cost and space required, the executives care about the ease of use while traveling, new moms are worried about time and noise… one marketing message would not reach all of these people.

Now, it is possible to sell the same product to different groups of people, the message just needs to be reworked. However, you might find that more things are different than you might guess at first glance. Keeping each demographic for your product separate is a great way to ensure that you don’t try putting too many messages into the video. It is this knowledge and experience that is so important when selecting your video production partners.

How do I create a product video?

There are lots of ways to create a product video and we are familiar with the full spectrum. Studio shots, lifestyle shots, scenarios, storylines, actors, locations and crew – there are lots of things that go into making a great, impactful video. We handle projects of all scopes so if you have a script and just need someone to execute the vision, that’s great, send it on over! If you need some hand-holding starting with ideation all the way through the process, we are very excited to help you make it happen. The most important thing is to remember the purpose of the video, who you are targeting in that video and what problems you are solving for them.

Behind the scenes of a product video shoot

WMV crew on location during product video shoot

Product Video Examples from WMV Productions

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