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This post is a bit out of date since we posted a few years ago. We made an updated video on the topic you can find here.


We often get asked “what camera do you use?” or “do you shoot in high definition?”.  For awhile I used to dish out all the techy specs on our trusty Canon 5D Miii video camera that we use on our shoots.  What I eventually found out was that most people did not want to know the inner workings of all the megapixels and frame rates that the camera is capable of.  What most people are really asking is, “are you using a camera that is going to make me (or my product) look great?”.  The answer is a resounding YES!  The Canon 5D is the newest kid on the block as it goes with cameras.  It is the latest and greatest in all the features and best quality that the camera industry can provide, which is why we choose to use it exclusively on all our shoots.  It can shoot in slow motion, take pictures as big as a billboard and the picture quality is just so beautiful your friends will think that you paid thousands of dollars for Steven Spielberg to help you with your video. (that may be a slight exaggeration).  In the end, the camera looks fantastic.  It is the last thing you need to worry about.  Actually many people have been making full feature films with this exact camera.  Here is a 3 minute short film shot on the Canon 5d Markiii so you can see how good the quality is:

For anyone that wants all the tech info, the guys from DigitalRev Tv do a great job of explaining all the specifics without boring you to death with numbers and specs:

What really makes our productions shine is the use of professional lighting and camera angles.  Anyone can dish out the cash for a nice camera, but unlike many video production crews, we invested a lot of time and money in to scene design and professional lighting gear.  It is with these techniques that we really make your video stand above the rest.  The difference between good and great videos is all the little stuff that most people don’t think about.  For example when shooting someone talking or your product on screen, we take special care to make sure there is nothing distracting  or dirty in the background.  A good example of this would be if we were selling a blender.  That least thing you want is for someone to be distracted by some boxes or dirty dishes in the background.  Sounds silly, but you would be amazed at how often something distracting is in the background.  It can be as simple as unplugging the toaster so there are not wires all over the counter or shifting the camera a couple inches to the right so that crazy homeless guy is not standing in the distance as you talk.

Video production is a skill that takes a lot of time to perfect.  It is not just about the camera you use or any of the other video equipment you have acquired.  Knowing how to write a script, set up the shot and put a creative spin on the post production process is what really drives home the best videos.

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