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Excited to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign with one of our crowd funding video productions! People often ask how we can work with clients all around the country when we are located in Nashville, TN. This client was the perfect example. They didn’t need our full crew to travel to them but they did need to get some great athletic video footage in SF. We used one of our top-notch local shooters there and then edited the video in Nashville. We do a great deal of pre-production to make sure that the client, the crew and the editors are all on the same page. We did all the scripting and storyboarding with the client and then went into the shooting portion of the project. In addition to making the crowd funding video, we also made an alternate version for them that can be used for their website in the future. This allows all the time, effort and money to be put to good use long after the crowd funding campaign is run.

We really love this video because it shows how clean and useful the product is going to be. We’ve done a few triathlons and are pumped that there will be a tool in existence soon that will help us navigate our training needs and our busy schedule. It will also allow us to train with friends as a group. Virtero is the first automated, individualized, adaptive training software platform designed specifically for triathletes.

Take a look at the video and the campaign. We’d love to hear your feedback and they would love the support!

Virtero Kickstarter Campaign


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