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The Force Glove promotional video was designed for the client’s Kickstarter campaign.  Utilizing motion graphics and high contrast visuals to help emphasize the high tech feel of the product.  The Glove itself was a prototype for a virtual reality and gaming controller.  Using a series of sensors and wireless transmitters, it allows users to access a series of coded movements to replace the standard game controllers of old.  But more so, it allows the user to also interact with the growing 3d space of virtual reality.

Behind the Scenes
This video was an exciting project to be a part of.  The client was incredibly cool with the artistic styling we suggested and allowed us to run wild with our imaginations.  Given the high tech nature of the product, we decided to use a very simple clean HUD graphic package to direct attention and showcase the product.  While the graphics were an exciting prospect for the editors, our time on set was made even more fun by the actor chosen to demonstrate the product.  His personality and willingness to go that extra distance for a laugh made him a perfect fit to reach out for that gaming community audience.

Our editor even wen the extra mile to help make the video feel more diverse in post.  As you notice, his shirt changes color throughout the video.  What you might not know is that is just a single shirt.  Using chroma keying, he actually digitally altered the color to create different visuals throughout, so it felt as though it wasn’t always the same wardrobe in the same space.  It’s just one of the many extra steps we take to make sure these videos feel exciting and creatively produced from the ground up.

Force Glove Video Production Still