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Remember when you were a kid and on Christmas Eve you would go to bed super early, leave cookies and milk for Santa, well video marketing is better and we will tell you why.

It is increasingly becoming a mobile first world, just think if you are at the mall walking around doing your normal shopping and you look around how many people out of twenty are on their phones…I am going to say around fifteen.

In this world everyone is consumed with that they can see on their little Video marketingphone screen. Why not have your video marketing tactic be presented right in front of them. You know their phone hasn’t left their sides all day. It is a no brainer. Just present it on a social media outlet- Wherever Facebook goes, people will follow!

What are people going to do next? We are in 2015; people are going to stop investing in print advertising. They are going to redirect their marketing budget over to a social advertising and video marketing. Plan for an experience!

Did you know 6 percent of adults’ digital media time is spent on Facebook, and 10 percent of digital spending is now on Facebook. Facebook means social to most companies but we want you to think of it as a marketing outlet. Video marketing needs a place to show off what it can do, Facebook is a great way to do just that. Video marketing can be as sweet and easy as you make it, let your outlets do the work. Pick the social outlet and start playing around. Post a picture, post your video. You won’t know how great it is until you try.

When many people think of video, they think of going to a movie or YouTube, but video is not just about YouTube anymore, video marketing has set out to really shine! When many companies felt it was just good enough to create a commercial and post it up on YouTube and it was enough. And they were right, 10 years ago- they were right. Now video marketing needs to take the world by storm! Do not take your iPhone and shoot your video, this is going to cost a little money but you want to take this seriously and go the eVideo Marketing and Social Mediaxtra mile and get a company to create this video for you! Make your video marketing shine! Facebook is challenging YouTube as the new video target.

You always want to stay on top of where your audience is going to spend time. You want to be personalized, and use the social networks that are going to work best for your video marketing. There is so much potential to do amazing things and show who you are.