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Despite it’s popularity, not every video is designed to be used on the internet in today’s marketplace.  There is still a high demand for producing creative commercials that are designed for broadcast and television.  Those video productions destined for television differ greatly from those designed for the web,  which means the whole undertaking has to be designed with the outcome of a successful TV commercial in mind.  When it comes time to turn your ideas into reality, you’ll want an experienced team who knows the process required to turn that dream into reality.  WMV Productions is a full-service video production company located in Nashville, Tennessee.

There are several steps that take place when you want to produce a TV commercial, and many of them happen before the cameras even start to roll.  We’ll help you by managing the project from start to finish.  This includes the pre-planning process, which includes creative development, scripting, casting, and product management.  After working together with you, we turn plans into action.

Picture of TV commercial made by commercial producer in Nashville

We use professional, high-end production equipment to ensure that everything we shoot is the best quality it can be.  But the equipment is only half of what makes a great production.  We also employ a crew of experts who know how to get the best from our equipment, using their diverse skill sets and expertise to capture the right vision for any TV commercial. 

The key to a successful TV commercial is to stand out.  It’s no secret that today’s broadcast mediums are flooded with content from literally millions of individuals.  So our goal is simple: design a unique video that is memorable and promotes a powerful call to action for the viewer.  We design each tv commercial to have a specific look and message to connect with our client’s specific audience.

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Each project is an opportunity; one that not only helps our client’s company or group rise above the competition, but for us to create a singular video that captures and expresses the vision.  But above all that, it’s an opportunity to expand your outreach and financial gains. According to online statistics, companies in the United States grossed over 73 billion dollars using television commercials last year alone.  Our goal is to help our client’s get a share of those ever-expanding profits.

When you work with WMV Productions, you’re working with a dedicated team of creative professionals and artists who are all working towards the goal of your project’s success.  We want to ensure that every step, from planning and design, to production and release is effective, painless, and most importantly… fun!

We are here to make sure your vision comes to life.

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