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Over the last decade, there has been a spotlight on reality, or at least perceived reality. By now we realize that reality tv is partially scripted or created in the edit bay. We applaud untouched photos and love it when people are being ‘themselves’. However, the veil of perfection is still appealing and keeping that level of expectation of ourselves isn’t the worst thing that could happen. I mean who doesn’t want to look their best? Who wants people to see what their house actually looks like after a weekend with toddlers running around? We all still mow our lawn, landscape, cut and color our hair and pick out outfits so that we can dress to impress. It doesn’t seem like lying when you put on mascara or workout to lose a few pounds. It feels like you’re working on presenting the best version of yourself. That pride and effort are usually rewarded with a positive return paid in the form of compliments and feeling good about yourself.


We do the exact same thing with video.

We create videos that achieve results by transforming the product into the best version of itself on camera. While it is true that the camera can sometimes be unflattering, it is also true that proper lighting and positioning can bring out the best features in anything. This is why you call in the experts.

Typewriter with normal house lights on

Typewriter after repositioning it and adding professional lighting

We take a product. We shine it up, turn it’s best side toward the camera, adjust the lights a hundred times and then capture that product in a state of perfection. Now the trick is that it still looks like the product that will show up at a customer’s door. This is incredibly important. Advertisements have great power but they are not successful if customers end up disappointed and angry. We have found that sweet spot between creativity and authenticity and we treat that line with great respect.

We’ve all experienced moments of disappointment with the real thing not living up to the advertisement…

Have you ever seen the pictures of a house and were so blown away you had to see it?

  • “It must be the house of my dreams.”

Then you go inside and wonder, where in the world the pictures were even taken.

  • “This is not the same place.”


This is a classic example of Hollywood magic going too far, or something being “too produced”. It might be amazing in the pictures but the reality is not even recognizable. It is disappointing. Consequently, you walk away.

On the opposite side, you see pictures everyday that underrepresent a place or product. We are in an age where seeing is believing. Have you ever looked at restaurant’s pictures or videos and decided to go somewhere else… or what about a hotel? It is isn’t always in seeing something bad that turns you away, it can be the lack of emotional connection to the beauty, energy or appeal of the place. These leads to so many missed opportunities. Do you think this could be true of your business?

There is an art to creating the best authentic representation of your product for your target demographic and we look forward to walking you through that process.