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Consumers moving away from traditional media channels toward new delivery systems has presented challenges for business to get their products in front of people. After decades of relying on commercials and print media, video marketing is a critical component of any business strategy.

YouTube is among the most important platforms for getting your videos seen. It’s also one of the most easily sharable.

At the beginning of 2018, digital marketing agency Omnicore reported YouTube viewers exceeded 30 million daily and 1.57 billion each month. As your company or organization incorporates video into your marketing strategy, you want to know what kinds of videos will be most effective to reach your goals.

Should you take a narrative approach, focus on your product or service, or address your competition? There is a wide variety of videos you might consider and we would encourage you to rely on the expertise of your video production company to help you brainstorm.

Here are five types of videos you should consider as you venture into the YouTube platform.


If your customers have taken the time to communicate how your product or service has improved their lives or performed beyond their expectations, why not capture those comments on video? This is a great way to build credibility with your audience from objective sources.

Satisfied clients and customers can be some of the most influential evangelists for your brand. Capturing them on video can humanize your product or service in a way that captures the attention of your audience.

Product or Service Line

Want your customers to know about what you offer? Tell them. A video explaining the products and services you offer is the most straightforward, clear way to give your potential customers insight into the solutions you offer to their problems. A good video production team can help you shed the best light on your brand.

The Story of Your Brand

A well-produced video can be a great way to tell your story. Potential customers and clients have access to information as never before. It can also be a compelling way to let people know what separates you from your competition. People like clear, compelling stories and they won’t hesitate to let others know about it.

Employee Profiles

Another effective way to let your audience know about your brand is to highlight members of your team. When customers see and hear the faces behind your brand, this makes you real to the people you want to reach.

Helpful tips

A great way to nurture relationships with potential buyers is to offer a traditional call to action in the form of a video offering helpful information. For example, a luggage retailer produced a video on how to pack for a thirty-day vacation into a carryon bag.

Providing valuable information with no obligation on the part of the customer lets them know you empathize with their problems and can offer solutions.

These are just five of the easiest videos you can produce and upload on YouTube. As you consider how to incorporate video into your video marketing strategy, you’ll want to partner with an experienced, knowledgeable video production team to help bring your ideas to life.

WMV Productions is ready to work with you from pre-production through post-production to give you the highest quality video to help you achieve your brand’s goals. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.