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Video Script

How do I start the video creation process? Well, first of all we’ve already talked. We’ve talked about your project, what you envision it to be, the scope of the project, the price of the project, the timeline of the project. All of these pieces put together, now it’s time to start. What do we do? Well, the first thing we do is a statement of work. And this is gonna give you a little bit more detail and a little bit more about what’s involved in your project.

Then we’re going to collect a deposit, and then we’re gonna get started on pre-production. I know that sounds like a long way to get to the pre-production, but it’s really, really simple. So once we get to the pre-production, we’re working on the script. And the script is going to lead to the story boarding and the actual planning of the film day.

So I know it sounds complicated and we’re jumping up a few steps, but really once we’ve decided that yes, you want a video, we do some paper work, and then we get started on that creative process. For more information or to talk about your next project, give me a call.