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What exactly is a public service announcement? A public service announcement or a PSA are messages to the public for raising awareness and often times are used for changing publics’ attitude towards different social issues.

When thinking about making a PSA, there are some things to consider:  public service Announcements

Who is your target audience for your public service announcements? Are you going after parents, teens, teachers, moms, etc? Considering whom your audience is first on the list. This is going to change the way you are going to address your topic. You are trying to help them understand the topic of your public service announcement. You are not just trying to tell them something; you are showing them something they need to understand.  For most companies putting out a PSA you probably already know you audience and know why you are presenting the topic, so this should not be a problem.

Keeping Your Audience’s Attention

Even though you know the content of your PSA is important, most times you still need some sort of entertainment to keep viewers engaged.  It doesn’t have to be a big expensive show, but some small visual effects, humor, or even a simple surprise can capture your audience’s Public Service Announcementattention.  Of course you have to keep in mind the topic and be relevant to the tone the PSA is about, but finding some small way to add grab your audiences attention will help them from clicking away before you get your message across.

Knowing your audience and tailoring the content for them is a great way to keep their attention. If you know all the bits and pieces of your topic, but want a way to make it a bit more engaging, hiring a script writer is a low cost way to help with engagement.  Scriptwriters can do amazing things with your words.  They can take a boring topic or script and craft it in to an engaging story that will make people stay glued to the screen.  Like any profession, some writers cost more than others, but you might be surprised how cost effective they can be if you take a look around.  Sites like or are great places to find script writing talent if you are on the hunt.


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