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Have you ever been mesmerized by different product marketing videos? Who hasn’t? Whether it be a long list of horribly made As Seen on TV videos or about a product you just bought and you are learning how to use it they range from the good the bad and the ugly.
Product Marketing VideoIf you have ever been stuck on videos of consumers telling you that a product does not, I repeat…DOES NOT work, marketing teams actually love that! Any publicity is good publicity. If you get watching a Chia Pet video and you start watching consumer reviews on it, 9 times out of 10 you will get customers who say the product doesn’t work. In the back of your pretty little head you are still thinking…I wonder if I buy one and do things a little differently it will work. The next think you know you are at a Walgreen’s in line holding a Sponge Bob Square Pants Chia Pet, just to prove them all wrong. You get it home you open it up you read the directions and follow them to a T. Three days later it looks nothing like the ad you saw on TV. The markers of Chia Pets put that video out and created that product marketing video. Now the 10 out of 10 people can see that it just doesn’t work. But you bought into the scheme, bad publicity is better than no publicity, you still bought the product, you still tried.
Apple is great at product marketing videos, and product marketing in general. Have you ever seen an Apple commercial that you didn’t want to watch again. Every single person that purchases an iPhone or a Mac computer knows exactly what they are getting, whether you know how to use it or not that is a who different post…we are working on it. But lets take a step back, you are a Senior in High School about to graduate and ready to head off to college. You have a wad of money in your pocket and you are off to buy your first computer for school. You walk into the Apple store put your money down on the counter and walk out with a new MacBook Pro. You know exactly what it will have when you open it up too, you will have iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, Safari, GarageBand, and of course the AppStore. Why does everyone know this? ¬†Because when a new Apple product comes out every other commercial on TV, every billboard and so many online ads are focused around it. The videos are key. This is where product marketing videos are key. The new iPhone 6 commercials are great, you know the voices of the actors and by the end of the commercial you know what you are getting right when you open your new white, perfectly sealed iPhone box. If I am wrong please let me know.
When you are creating your own product marketing video there are a few things to consider. Remember the product, don’t make the video product marketingabout you. Make it about the product. Going back to Apple I think they do a great job with showing focus to the actual product. They focus on the device, with the iPhone 6 commercials you have two phones and two hands, that is it…GENIUS!
Be playful with your video. You want your audience to remember you. Here is another example, in the Budweiser commercial, that was played last Super Bowl with the puppy and the horse, you didn’t know that it was a Budweiser commercial until the end of the video but people have been sharing that video for almost a year because it was relate-able. Who doesn’t love seeing a puppy, every time I see a Budweiser bottle or can I always think about that video, after seeing a video like that what kind of beer are you going to buy.
Product marketing videos are not meant to challenge you, they are meant to get your name out there and show what products you are putting out there. Biggest tip of all, get a professional to shoot this video for you, this way you have time to focus on what you do best and they will create something you will love. As you can see it has been months since the iPhone released their video and a year since the puppy commercial and I am still talking about them.