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Online video marketing is really popular right now. Not because video is so trendy these days but because it is an effective way to reach your audience. But the secret to online video marketing is not just to get a person to watch your video or ad, it’s to get them to take an action. Maybe you want them to click, buy, learn, or share. This last step is the one that is most skipped in a video ad campaign and as you can guess, it is the most important! Many people rush the production process and jump into turning on the camera and don’t pay enough attention to the purpose of the video, the script, the demographic, the tone and emotions, in other words, the WHY of the video.

Take a look at how much video is playing a role in today’s economy.  The numbers are astounding!

The WHY is one of the things that stands a production company apart from a ‘video guy’. I’ll be the first to tell someone on the phone that if they just need a guy to show up somewhere with a camera, then jump on craigslist and pay a shooter $200 for the job.

Craigslit. Home of the $200 video guy who 'might' own his camera.

If you need an online video marketing plan, product video, commercial, short or long term video strategy, then you need to pay for expertise. A full service production company will help you with flushing out the ideas and concepts for the videos for your online video marketing campaign. It will then help you with scripting, then do a storyboard and then plan the shoot, and of course do all the editing including graphics and music. In other words, when you ask WHY did you pick that color, have her in a studio, pick that model, light the item that way – a production company will have an answer.

Now, of course, this sounds expensive. And it can be but I’ll think you’ll be surprised at how we can work with your budget to get you what you need… and maybe even what you want! When I’m talking to potential clients, I tell them that paying half the price and having no return is just throwing away the dollars. Wouldn’t you rather pay for something that has been designed to get you results? Now this doesn’t mean that every online video marketing plan is a success but this is fairly new territory and there is lots of experimentation that plays into it, just like every advertising campaign. We’ll work with you to tweak and pivot your campaign over time.

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