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Kickstarter Video Producers comfort wayOur most recent Kickstarter video is for a really cool product. Imagine being able to roam around the world with unlimited data to your phone for a small daily fee? That is exactly what the ComfortWay travel case will do for you!

We shot this crowd funding video on location in Nashville and worked to be creative with showing the travel aspect without having to mess with airport security. We ended up shooting the airport scenes in our amazing, busy Farmer’s Market right here in Downtown. By choosing our shots carefully and adding a couple of people with luggage, we were able to give the appearance, at a glance, that is a travel setting.

Funny enough, the TV show Nashville was shooting in the same location so the security and the crowd was increased but no one paid attention to us because a camera isn’t out of the ordinary in on a production site.

The way we’ve formulated these crowd funding and small business videos is with creativity and time efficiency. We do a large amount of pre-production to ensure that the production and the editing end of things go smoothly and run on time. This allows us to create projects for smaller budgets that look good. For those with larger budgets, we can use more people, equipment and time to create an even higher quality video.

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