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Explainer videos are all the rage these days and for good reason.  They are cheaper than creating a full video production and you can do outlandish things on screen to get your point across.  Need a superhero to sell your product, an explainer video can do that.  Need President Obama to make an appearance, an explainer video can do that.  An explainer video can really do anything you ask of it and it is incredibly engaging.

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What is an Explainer Video?

Basically an explainer video is a cartoon or animation that tells a story in about 1-2 minutes.  They can be funny or thought provoking, but in the end they usually just fun to watch because of the fast moving pieces.  Not to mention the person drawing all the cartoons or illustrations usually is having a great time drawing the perfect scenario to tell your story.  When creatives have fun, usually everyone does.

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What is the process in creating an Explainer Video?

Once you get in contact with us we work with you on perfecting your script, drawing and storyboarding out your video so you know what it will look like and then we animate it away adding a music track and sound effects to make it fly off the page and grab your audience’s attention.  It generally only takes a week or two and you have something running across your page and all over the web promoting you or your business.

WMV Productions has made lots of explainer animations, infographics and cartoons to tell just about every story we can think of.  Take a look at a few example of the work we have done below and let us know if you think an explainer video is right for you.

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Explainer Video Company Examples:

Explainer Animation Example:

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Explainer Animation Example:

Looking for more explainer video examples?

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