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How are other companies using screencast videos in their business?

Video is really hot right now and for good reason. It’s easy for people to watch a video and then take action without the help of another live person.  Long gone are the days of reading pages of text to find out how to solve even the simplest problem.  Small businesses and big brands alike are all making the switch to using screencast videos for their sales, customer support, marketing, internal communications and outbound presentations.  With all the different reasons that a video COULD be made, you have to ask the question ‘what TYPE of video do I need?’.

Homepage Videos

A lot of companies create overview videos of their website that they can use on their homepage to show off their platform.

Email Marketing

Companies also use screencast videos to create very short product features and then use them in email campaigns to stay engaged with their audience.


A lot of companies try and maximize their budget spend and create a single video that can be used as customer support, used in email marketing and also in a blog post.  Talk about maximizing your budget!

Below are several examples of screencast videos that we have made for companies around the world that solved a problem for their customers and freed up a ton of work hours because they were not spending gobs of time teaching or selling to their customers.  They made a video one time and then whenever a customer or potential client had a question, the video was there immediately with the answer.

A screencast video can be used for way more than just customer support.

When I first saw how companies were using video to grow their business I was immediately drawn to the idea because the opportunities are almost endless with what you can do with a screencast video. Take a look at some examples from our clients. They range the gamut from instructional to sales.  After seeing how companies can use screencast videos it may just give you some inspiration on how a video could be a solution for you.

Service Pro Screencast

My-ATG Screencast

Mercury Flight Signup

Employee Value Program

Auto Trader Screencast

Ovation Screencast

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