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Many times people call and they just have a very small project and they want to be billed hourly for it. They have a one hour seminar that needs to be filmed or they have a 30 second video that needs to be created. We just don’t bill hourly. It’s just not possible for us to do as a business. There’s so many things that come in to play for a project and it’s not just the hours or the one hour that you spend with a videographer but it’s him prepping for your shoot, making sure he has the camera, the lens, the battery’s charged, the microphone, everything’s situated for your gig, then loading it up, then driving to your location, then unloading it, setting it up, filming it and then reversing the whole process.

I can’t recall a time when we ever did a quick film for somebody and did door to door in less than four or five hours. A lot of times it’s really frustrating because you just want to pay for that hour that you need them to turn the camera on but there’s just so many things behind the camera and before you see the camera that does have to take place but we really want to make sure that they show up on time and that everything is taken care of for you. It’s that level of professionalism that it’s worth paying that extra.

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