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Does your company need help creating commercials? From script writing to editing we have different ways to help. Why do people create online videos? What is the key to creating them? Who is the best commercial video company in Nashville?

commercial video company nashville brentwood murfreesboroWe are going to give you a few essentials to make your commercials one to remember. when you are watching TV or surfing the web, what sticks with you more, people or cartoons? People relate to people and in commercials that is the key. It will be a lot better when you are planning out your commercial when you have people so for the 30 seconds that your video should be you are not looking at the parking lot or a building for the whole time. If you are shooting commercials about a construction company you are going to have to have some building or even a parking lot in the video but you still want someone on camera talking if you can.

That is two tips down…people relate to people and planning is very important. We have talked about planning before so make sure you take a look back and check out Tips to Shooting Better Video. When planning your commercials you want to remember that this is a very short story and if you don’t plan for it things may get lost.

When it comes to writing the script you will want to keep it short, sweet and to the point. Remember you only have 30-45 seconds to keep your audiences attention. You will want your commercials to tell the audience what you are selling. Even if the consumer is not in that room you want to voice it in the commercial. There are ways to sell but not sound like you are a sales person but that is a whole other story. Moral of the story when writing out your commercials, keep it short an informative, and make sure you are getting to voice your “product” so the audience knows what your selling.

Have you ever watched a video where the video and audio did not match? If you are not careful when you are shooting your commercials this could happen to you. This again is where planning comes in. Say you are shooting a commercial about cars and you are talking about cars driving on to the car lot, it would look pretty silly if you had a shot of the service department instead of people driving cars on the lot. You just need to think before you shoot. It will make your commercials better and will save you money in the long run. When you are crbest commercial video company nashvilleeating online commercials you really want to try to make it look as high quality as something you would see on TV.

If you are not looking to create your commercials on your own, hiring a production company like ours is another way to go. We can help you do everything from planning what you want to say in your commercials to writing your scripts to the final edit. The nice part of hiring a company to do this work for you is that it leaves time to do other things and we do all the hard work. You will just need to approve the scripts and storyboards and we will take care of the rest. Some production companies have great commercial packages to choose from when you are shopping around. We Make Video would be my choice but that may be a little bias. Choose for yourself, take a look at things we have done I think it will be a no brainier for you too.