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So I was trying to figure out where we’re going to be shooting these interviews. And you’re kind of figuring, “Well, we’ve got a couple of spaces, or should we be looking for something in particular?” Well, there are certain aspects of a space that work excellent when it comes time to sitting down and doing your interview, the first of which is a larger space. Remember that you’re going to having somebody sitting in front of camera, possibly somebody asking questions, a cameraman, a grip, lights, audio. You need a lot of space for this equipment and for the people. And the other nice thing about a large space is that it gives that heat somewhere to go. Remember, the lights and people generate heat, and so we want a space that’s going to be big enough that we can keep cool. Another nice thing to keep in mind is that if you have access to the thermometer for the space, turn it down before that day starts because I promise you, you will appreciate it by the time the end of the day rolls around and everybody is sweating bullets.

The second thing that you want to remember is that noise is a factor. You know, even though we’ve got really great mics that are really directional and can try to capture just the speaker, other sounds are going to be picked up, even if you’re trying not to. That noisy air conditioner. If you’re on a factory floor, you’re never going to hear what’s being said, even if it might look really great behind them. So you want to make sure that the space is quiet. And the last situation that you want to remember is that it needs to be reflective of what your video is about. Remember, if you’re a corporation, you want the space to look nice and be inviting, because this video is honestly going to act as somewhat of a first impression sometimes. So you want people coming to your site seeing your videos to think, “That’s a really nice space. I’d like to go there.” So these are all elements that you want to remember. And if you have more questions, because there can be a lot, give our producers a call and they’ll set you straight.