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Video Script

So the question is, can I shoot my own video and then send it to you to edit? Well, of course you can. The problem that happens is a lot of times, people think that they’re going to film, give it to us, and then we’re somehow magically going to make it look like a professional video production camera, a company, with lights and everything came in and filmed it.

That’s just not the case. Just because you have a nice camera doesn’t necessarily mean the footage is going to come out amazing every time. On the other hand, you may not care how it looks. You may just need to get the content out and you want some professionals to make sure that there’s nice graphics on there, that all the shots look similar. Maybe there’s title cards, the design work you want done on there, so there is a reason to maybe have a professional shoot something for you or if you want to save some money and just do it yourself, but in short, if you want to film it and send it to us to edit, that can totally happen.