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Many times after our clients hire us to film something, they say, “Well, can I get my video back this week?” Well, the answer it really it depends. Many things that we shoot like corporate events or seminars, yeah, that’s pretty easy to give a quick return and get it back within the week. Other things that we do, like full-scale video productions for sales or marketing videos, we have a timeline, it’s usually four to six weeks, and it’s because there’s just so much planning that goes into it that it really does take that long to put all the editing together and go through all the revisions to make sure the video is exactly as you paid for. That’s really the difference. If we’re doing something short that you just need the footage back, totally can get it back in a week. If it’s a bigger project, a full-scale video production, it might take a couple weeks to get it back to you.