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What Value Will Video bring to my Business TODAY is the question many online marketers struggle with. Video has evolved so much in the last few years and its use has as well. Big companies would make large commercials or infomercials to explain or introduce their product but they were the only ones that could afford to create such a visual asset. Now, technology allows everyone to create and publish their own video. But just because you can create a video, does that mean it will do anything positive for your business?

The question – What value will this video bring to my business? – should be the first thing you ask and answer before jumping into video creation.

Value can be measured by many things so you’ll have to drill down into the real purpose of the video and what you need it to deliver for you.

Knowing the purpose and goal of your business video will help you in the creation of the content and making sure it is in line with your company’s messaging.

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